Breville Smart Oven The Real Review

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breville smart oven

Breville Smart Oven

Breville Smart Oven is magnificent housed in reinforced stainless steel, this 1800-watt convection toaster oven features a 4/5-cubic-foot nonstick interior and Element IQ technology, which provides smarter control over the heat. The Breville Smart Oven Element IQ puts the power where it’s needed most. For each of the 9 pre-set programs, Element IQ delivers the right power at the right time and when adjusted to taste, it even remembers.

Element IQ works much like the dimmer in your light switch-it can turn the power up or down. Instead of the 5 heating elements having a fixed wattage, Breville Smart Oven Element IQ automatically puts the power where it is needed most for the specific cooking task. Not only does the Breville Smart Oven heat up faster than a conventional wall oven, it’s also more energy efficient than its predecessor, making it a kitchen tool you will use every day.

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Breville Smart Oven allow you to choose from nine pre-set functions to cook food such as Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat, or Warm; each one comes with its own pre-programmed temperature and cooking time, eliminating the guesswork.

breville smart oven

Breville Smart Oven

Let look at what people who have bought the Breville Smart Oven had to say about it!

5.0 out of 5 stars Like a full-size convection range in a little package — A+++, December 19, 2008

I am totally in love with this Breville Smart Oven! It is a heavy, quality appliance, with numerous handy, smart features. I just got it today, and I will update my review later if needed. I cooked some *perfect* cupcakes in it a little while ago, so I’m going on that experience.

1. The instruction book (with about 30 recipes & ideas) is very easy to understand and follow. We had it up and going in minutes, doing the initial heating for 15 minutes to rid the heating elements of a protective coating. There was some odor (no smoke) with this process, but not that bad, and I just opened a window slightly. After this, there was no smell at all when I cooked.

2. The oven door has magnetized areas that pull the oven rack about half way out when you open the door. It’s a great concept, and guess what? — it works! Makes it so handy to get your food out without reaching in and risking a burn.

3. The interior has .8 cubic feet of space. A 12″ x 12″ enamel baking pan, with broil rack, and a 13″ non-stick pizza pan are included, and fit snugly inside — a pan any bigger wouldn’t fit. I made 12 cupcakes at a time on the pizza pan (using silicone muffin cups) and had plenty of room. (The pizza pan didn’t buckle or warp, so it’s obviously a sturdy piece.) My 1/4 sheet pan and several other pieces I have fit nicely inside, which I’m so pleased about. This thing fits 6 pieces of toast! (I want to mention that they don’t advise using glass baking dishes in the oven. I’m scared of breakage that I’ve read about, so I don’t use glass anymore anyway.)

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3. The glass door has markings on it to tell you which position to put the rack in (bottom, middle or top), depending on what you’re cooking.

 breville smart oven

Breville Smart Oven

4. The LCD display is very easy to read (esp for someone who needs reading glasses like me). The temperature, function, and time controls are knobs — similar to stereo control knobs — and I like that you don’t have to keep incessantly punching a button to go up or down; you simply twist to get where you want, and you can go slowly or quickly. Also, there are a minimum of icons (there are 3 buttons for frozen food, convection, & temperature conversion) on the controls — most functions are spelled out so that you don’t have to use a “cheat sheet” to figure out what picture stands for what!

5. The convection feature is very quiet with this oven and you can barely hear it. Some settings such as “bake” are programmed to switch on the convection feature, which keeps down the need to fiddle with several controls to get what you want. I made cupcakes today on bake, and they were done a full 3-4 minutes quicker.

6. The large door handle is easy to grab and open, and stays cool to the touch.

7. The top of the oven gets hot during cooking, so you can keep food warm on a ceramic plate(s) on top while other food cooks. There is also a “cutting board and tray” that can be used on the top but I was unable to find it on Breville’s website so I will call them later. (You can also get a pizza stone and pizza crisper.)

8. The crumb tray fits snugly into the front of the unit, and not in the back like other toaster ovens I’ve had, so removal and cleaning is easy.

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The only suggestion that I would have is that a small interior light would be helpful.

As I have always liked about toaster ovens, you don’t have to heat up your large oven to bake or cook a meal. And I don’t think most of us have convection ranges, so having this feature on a toaster oven is great. I really do have to give this oven 5 stars because it is designed so incredibly well. I may never use my stove again — except for a full-sized turkey!

 breville smart oven

Breville Smart Oven

UPDATE 12-27-2008: I received an email back from Breville, and they say the accessories for this oven (see#7 above) will be available April 2009. I have been using my Breville daily for a little over a week now, and I can see myself years from now doing the same. Still extremely impressed with this work horse!

UPDATE 3-29-09: According to the Breville website, a pizza stone and a pizza crisper for the Breville Smart Oven will be available for sale 5-9-09. The cutting board and tray that fit on top of the oven has a “TBA” availability date. And I am still considering this toaster oven one of the best I’ve ever come across!

UPDATE 6-08-09: *Another* delay from Breville for the cutting board/tray and the pizza stone — those will be available at the BrevilleUSA website (and here at Amazon, I suppose) this month (June 2009), unless they change the date once again. A pizza crisper will be available in July 2009. I continue to use my Breville Smart Oven daily, and it has a prominent place in my kitchen.

UPDATE 12-21-09: Looks like all the accessories mentioned are now available at the Breville site. Hope they are soon available on Amazon and available with Prime shipping!

UPDATE: 5-23-10: I see that the accessories for this oven are now available on Amazon. I must say that the prices seem outrageous, and similar accessories at lower prices are made by other manufacturers, which I would explore if I needed/wanted them. I have the Petite Broil and Roast pan by Chicago Metallic (one of my favorite brands of bakeware) and it works wonderfully in this oven. C.M. also makes a whole toaster oven set, including a muffin tin.

It’s 1 1/2 years later, and I still use my Breville Smart Oven almost every day — still love it and not one hint of problems. Crumb tray in the front is SO very easy to pull out and to keep clean.

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